Friday, October 9, 2009

Vegan MoFo Day 9: Raw Turnip Greens

I love turnip greens the traditional, overcooked way as much as any other Southerner. However, tonight I looked at my big bag of greens and wondered if they could be prepared in a raw way, like massaged kale. The answer: YES!

I sliced them into thin ribbons, and then massaged them with red wine vinegar, walnut oil, and salt until they softened, beccoming similar to a cooked texture. As turnip greens are much more tender than kale, it only took about 1 minute. I originally planned to use pepper vinegar, corn oil, and salt (for a more traditional flavor) but decided to branch out.

I think this would be great as a side dish, but I ate it piled on top of a bowl of tomato soup.


kittee said...

ohhhh, walnut oil. y'all are some fancy pantied folks down in TN, huh?

sounds good, i think. if i think too hard on it, i'm gonna back away.


Jeni Treehugger said...

I've never had turnip greens but they sound awesome.

snugglebunny said...

Lolo at VeganYumYum makes a BLT salad where she marinates her kale in a mayonaisse dressing and it does the same thing. It even works with my homemade cornstarch based vegan mayo.

Bianca said...

Hmmm...I don't know about this. I'm real picky about my turnip greens (I cook 'em for an hour, at least!). And I can't stomach raw kale (I've tried! I really have!). But I'm sure it's much healthier this way, with all the vitamins still in there. I also think the red wine vinegar might cut the bitterness. I may get brave and try it.

JohnP said...

Bianca, I liked it enough that I made a bunch more today. (I am also a die-hard fan of the hour-plus cooked version!)