Monday, October 19, 2009

Vegan MoFo Day 19: Atlanta Adventures

I finally made it to Atlanta, despite more rain and wind and cold on Friday! Upon arrival, I didn't feel like heading out into the night for food, so I just went downstairs in our building to Stella. This was my first time in Stella, as they don't have anything explicitly vegan listed in their online menu, and I was afraid they would not be able to extract the cheese (or eggs in the pasta). However, the waiter was very well-informed, and gave me lots of options. I wound up ordering a pizza (photo above) and it was delicious. The waiter, the chef, and the host all stopped by to be sure I was happy. I'll definitely return.

On Saturday night, I went to a meet-and-greet for a city council candidate. (For you Atlanta voters, take a good look at Adam Brackman.) The gracious hosts had quite a spread of food, including vegan tacos from Holy Taco. These were excellent - black beans, rice, avocado, Ecuadorian salsa, and - most interesting - thinly sliced radish. The radish was a wonderful touch , and I will be copying this at home.

Last night, I had a lovely noodle soup with friends at Nickiemoto's.

Today, driving home, I stopped off in Wildwood, Georgia, near Chattanooga. The Adventist-run Wildwood Lifestyle Center has a great store or stores (as there is a an herb market, a grocery, and a bookstore). I bought Tartex in rural Georgia! And who doesn't need a big bag of Hickory Smoked Bakon Seasoning?


kittee said...

omg! bac'n yeast! wow, i haven't seen this stuff in a long long time.

have some smoky fun, huh?

JohnP said...

I'm putting the bakon yeast in that butternut squash macaroni casserole which Bianca posted the other day! Mmmm....