Saturday, October 24, 2009

Vegan MoFo Day 24: Gluten-Free Cookies

My office always has a big Halloween party, and I have been thinking about what to bring. I have a gluten-free colleague, and, understanding the challenges of parties without appropriate food, I want to make something that she can eat. While cleaning house today, I decided to experiment.

Happily, Joni recently posted a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie that calls for coconut flour - and I have coconut flour in the pantry from a past baking adventure. I pulled out a bowl, and in no time flat I had a super-tasty xgfx cookie dough. (Some xgfx dough, especially if it involves bean flour, can taste nasty when raw. Not this one!) You can see the results above. I can't imagine anyone objecting to this cookie, vegan or gluten-free or not. The texture is a bit sandy, but in a perfectly good way: think back to the pecan sandies of your childhood. (If you have rice-flour-sandiness trauma, it is not like that.) Thanks, Joni!

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kittee said...

ha. i love that you are using XgfX. you are the best, john plummer.