Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Vegan MoFo Day 7: Preparing for Greens

My mother emailed me today to let me know that her fall crop of turnip greens is starting to come in. As I started to think about turnip greens, I suddenly realized: I am almost out of pepper vinegar! I can enjoy greens without pepper vinegar, but it sure is nice to have.

Despite being a tired mofo tonight, I pulled open the vegetable drawer, and found a respectable number of hot peppers of various kinds. I had to break some of the long ones in half to fit them into a quart jar. (This will increase the heat of the final product, but that is OK by me.) I then covered with apple cider vinegar, capped, and stuck it in the back of the fridge. My grandmother always kept her pepper vinegar in a big cruet on a shelf, so I don't think you need to refrigerate. It would be best to wait for a couple of weeks, but I will probably break into it sooner.


kittee said...

yay, pepper vinegar and greens. i <3 you mr. southern boy. you sure have been busy lately.


Jeni Treehugger said...

Never heard of pepper vinegar - bet it's lush.

JohnP said...

Work is currently over-the-top busy but I am still trying to mofo every day!

panda with cookie said...


Anonymous said...

love all things pepper! never have i thought of pepper vinegar. WOWSAS!