Monday, October 12, 2009

Vegan MoFo Day 12: Raw Food

First of all, sorry for the shadowy photos, but you can tell it to stop raining in Tennessee!

I first encountered raw food in childhood, when my grandmother tried it as a way of addressing her arthritis and other health problems. She used The "No-Cook" Book by John Tobe, which was published in 1969. It's mostly vegan, but with a little honey, dairy and fish. When my grandparents died, this book is one of the items that found its way to me. I really need to try some of the recipes... maybe later in MoFo...

Some years ago, when living in New York City, I rediscovered the wonders of raw or living cuisine. I obviously have much love for cooked food, too, and I don't buy into the philosophy that sometimes accompanies the raw movement, but I thoroughly enjoy the occasional raw day. At the very least, it is a fun and healthy way to vary one's diet.

I didn't try making raw food for myself until I moved back to Tennessee, and met Laura Button, founder of Journey to Bliss, a local raw food company. Laura teaches wonderful and inspiring classes. After taking some of Laura's classes, I've gradually accumulated a few raw "cookbooks" which are great for ideas. One of my favorites is Ani's Raw Food Kitchen by Ani Phyo. We've liked everything we've made from it. Photographed above is the Walnut Cranberry Squash "Rice" which we have made so many times I have lost count. The recipe can be found on the internet. I have taken it to many potlucks, and to last year's office Christmas party. It is always popular with everyone. The original recipe is a bit salty for me, so I usually cut the salt amount in half. You might start with a small amount of salt, and taste as you go.

Go make some raw food!


snugglebunny said...

If you are looking for some raw recipes, Vegweb also has some nice ones, including raw curry. I even found a raw cinnamon roll recipe at Recipezaar, and would love to make it; but kind of hard without a food processor. And surprisingly enough, I can buy raw crackers down here. Do raw foodists outnumber vegans in Florida? Possibly.

Bianca said...

That recipe has been on my to-make list for awhile. I think I'll definitely make that next raw day, since winter squash is in season now. And yes, somebody really needs to make it stop raining in Tennessee!