Wednesday, October 10, 2012

50 States of MoFo: Pennsylvania Shoo-Fly Pie

Shoo-Fly Pie brings memories of summer visits to my aunt and uncle in Pennsylvania.  This sugary bomb was often for sale at Amish baking stands in Lancaster County.

I merged a few online recipes with success:

Mix together:
1 c all purpose flour
3/4 c brown sugar
4 T vegan margarine

Divide this mixture in half, and set one half aside.   To the other half add:

1/2 c molasses
1/2 c corn syrup
1/4 c plain soy yogurt beaten with 1 T ground flaxseed
1 t vanilla*

Then whisk in:
3/4 c boiling water mixed with 1 t baking soda

Pour this into an unbaked pie crust.  Sprinkle the remaining crumb mix carefully over the top.  Bake at 325F for 40-45 minutes until it appears puffed up and set.   Let cool thoroughly before attempting to slice.

*I would probably leave this out.   The molasses flavor is so strong that it drowns out any hint of vanilla, so what's the point?  If using a lighter-flavored syrup like sorghum, it might be a nice addition.  


panda with cookie said...

I may break this out for thanksgiving this year. Pie on.

Julie said...

Awesome! Greetings from PA & happy MoFo'ing! :)

Sarah said...

ooh yummy!

Bianca said...

Yum! I've never had shoo-fly pie, but I'm down for any kind of pie. And I love molasses!

Candy Beans said...

I'm a PA native and I've never had one of these. I'm down to my last brownie, so maybe this would be a good project for tonight.

Jenna said...

Its been AGES since I've had Shoo-Fly Pie! I can't wait to try this recipe!

Mattheworbit said...

Darn that looks good! We're addicted to Bryanna's Maple Chocolate Shoo-Fly pie which looks quite different - I'm also going to give this a try!!