Monday, October 29, 2012

50 States of MoFo: Maine: Dulse Chowder

At first, I thought of making blueberry pie, the state pie of Maine.  However, I was making another pie and needed to shift in a savory direction.  Dulse to the rescue!  Dulse is a beautiful red seaweed that grows in the north Atlantic, including along the Maine coast.  The fine folks at Maine Coast Sea Vegetables have a recipe for New England Dulse Chowder on their website.  It is already vegan, includes no added fat, and only the sodium from the dulse and some miso.  The recipe contemplates large pieces of dulse.  However, I only had flakes, and we were unsure whether we would like the big pieces of seaweed floating around.   The flakes worked nicely, and we both enjoyed this lovely, quick chowder with a gentle ocean flavor.  In the photo, you see it with some of the Vermont Common Crackers from yesterday.   The internet tells me that there is a long tradition of adding dulse to potato soups, and I can certainly see why!   Try it!


Kate said...

I've only just started to explore sea veg - this sounds delish!

greenveggies said...

I plan to try both the soup and crackers. They both look delicious!