Tuesday, October 2, 2012

50 States of MoFo: Alaskan Akutaq

Akutaq is a food common in western Alaska made from fruit and fat mixed together, often frozen or semi-frozen (hence the popular name, Eskimo Ice Cream).  We used non-hydrogenated vegetable shortening instead of traditional but very non-vegan options like reindeer tallow.  Ugh.  We also added sugar, which appears to be common in modern akutaq but could easily be omitted. 

In a food processor, combine:

4 c. fresh berries (or a 1 lb. bag frozen berries - thawed, or they will chill the fat into a horrible lump)
1 c. caster sugar (just grind regular sugar in the processor for a couple of minutes, if you don't have it)
1 c. vegetable shortening
1/2 c. orange juice

When relatively smooth, put it in the freezer to set up.   Due to the fat, it remains fairly easy to scoop and is a tasty (if far from fat-free) dessert!


Mary Worrell said...

I'm not sure I ever would have attempted a recipe as non-vegan as this one (reindeer tallow!?), but I'm really intrigued by your mofo theme and impressed. What other Alaskan recipes lost out to this one?

JohnP said...

Hi Mary - My quick research on Alaskan cuisine turned up a lot of meat and seafood dishes. This was one of the few which seemed workable. There is apparently a significant sourdough baking tradition, with some interesting breads.

panda with cookie said...

So many opportunities for some good alliteration. Alaskan Akutaq Attack! Although I suppose that is technically assonance.