Monday, November 8, 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 8: I have your Thanksgiving rolls, right here...

As we've seen in this MoFo journey through old veg cookbooks, churches and other religious/spiritual/esoteric groups played a large role in the development of vegetarian and vegan cooking. Unity, one of the most prominent New Thought groups, was started by vegetarians who promoted such a diet. Unfortunately, at least in my contact with Unity, this emphasis seems to have evaporated. I understand that the restaurant at their headquarters now serves meat. Perhaps it depends on the congregation.

Back in the day, though, Unity and its member congregations produced some vegetarian cookbooks, including the 1958 Unity Vegetarian Cookbook, from which I veganized this excellent recipe for dinner rolls.

Unity Inn Rolls

2 c nondairy milk
1/4 c vegan shortening
2 T unrefined sugar
2 t salt
5 t dry yeast
1/4 c lukewarm water
5 1/2 c flour
(I have been known to add about 4 oz of sourdough starter, at times.)

Hydrate the yeast in the lukewarm water. Heat the milk with shortening, sugar, and salt, until everything is melted and combined. Allow to cool to lukewarm (or just take care that it doesn't get too hot), and then stir in the yeast. Gradually add flour, kneading until you have a soft, supple dough. You may not need the full amount. Cover and let rise until double. You can punch down and do a second rise, if you have time. If not, proceed with rolling out the dough and cutting in circles with a glass or biscuit cutter. Dip each circle in melted vegan margarine, fold it in half, and place (open side up) in a greased pan. You want the pan to be tightly packed with rolls. Cover pan, and let the rolls rise. When risen, place them in a 400 F oven. After 5 minutes, turn heat down to 350 F and continue baking for 15-20 minutes until golden brown.

If you would like to try something else from the Unity book, my esteemed colleague, Panda with Cookie, has posted the Scalloped Okra & Corn Casserole. I will include a photo above, to tempt you.


panda with cookie said...

Best cookbook cover ever!

Amey said...

oh my god, those rolls. they look so light and fluffy and perfect. That right there is pretty much my idea of heaven.

bugink said...

oh man, those rolls look FANTASTIC!

Anonymous said...

those rolls look amazing! there's this asian bakery in mississauga that makes these butter rolls that look just like those... I'm going to have to try this sometime. bookmarked!

DJ said...

Those rolls look delicious! I'm noting down this recipe, thankyou!

kittee said...

those rolls are making me gnash my teeth.



Anonymous said...

i am like drooling over those old books
want these rolls to take me to carby heaven

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Those are some beautiful rolls!

erin32mc said...

Those are the best rolls I have ever seen!!! Yum!

Anonymous said...

I like how you roll. Ba-dum!

Anna said...

I am not a vegan but I ocassionally use recepies from this web. These buns are amazing!

Mattheworbit said...

I just realised that even before I knew you, I had this post printed out at home... and I still haven't made them! Now I will.