Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bonus MoFo: Tapioca Fruit Soup

I'm making this a bonus post, as it comes from a cookbook published in 1991, too recent to be considered retro. However, the book in question (Of These Ye May Freely Eat by JoAnn Rachor) is very much from the same Adventist ethos as Rosalie Hurd, the Mahabees, the County Life Cookbook, etc. It's also a damn useful little book. If you are living without a jar of her powdered vegan cheese sauce, you need to change that.

Pictured above is her fruit soup: tapioca cooked in fruit juice, and then combined with a variety of fresh, canned, and dried fruits. We first noticed this recipe about 10 years ago, and have been making it regularly ever since. I won't give you the recipe here. You can find it online if you search, but you should spend the $2.99 (!!) and buy the book.

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