Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vegan MoFo Day 25: Freezer Time!

Grow Peace tagged me for the freezer game, so I have to show you my scary freezer. I'm afraid I cram it full of stuff, and sometimes forget what is in there. We also have a lot of houseguests, so I find welcome and unwelcome surprises - such as the two boxes of vegan frozen waffles, gluten-free and regular/flax.
Other items of note: frozen tofu (which I just transformed into the very tasty Tofu Nuggets from Don't Have a Cow No. 4), leftover soup, the inside sleeve of my ice cream maker, Rice Dream ice cream, a single peach-vanilla popsicle, corn on the cob from my mother's garden, a Folgers can full of Cafe Najjar, a bag of Sunergos Coffee, a bunch of different kinds of nuts, and a big bag of Vegan Dad burgers. We almost always have Vegan Dad burgers (TVP, tempeh, and/or sausage varieties), and some version of the famous Julie Hasson steamed sausages (which are in there, but hidden behind other things) in the freezer. The sausages are useful for so many things, and the burgers make a quick work lunch choice.
Many of the bloggers I read seem to have been tagged already. I don't have time to sit here and search for more! So, if you are reading this and have not been tagged yet, show us your freezer!

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Anonymous said...

the tofu nuggets are what's calling my name the loudest, for some reason.