Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vegan MoFo Day 14: Trade Boxes and DIY Update

One of my favorite things about participating in the forums at The PPK is the opportunity to trade with folks in other areas, sharing regional treats, personal favorite items, and so on. Today is a federal holiday, so there was no mail - but DHL left a most amazing package on our stoop, from efcliz in England. I always enjoy efcliz's posts and blog, as she is as obsessed with cookbooks as I am - and that says a lot. You can see the contents above - and, yes, my jealous friends, that is indeed a wheel of Blue Sheese. She also indulged my Marmite obsession! T and I may battle to the death over the Marmite breadsticks! Liz, anytime you need more sorghum or grits, you let me know.

The DIY challenge at the PPK is stetching the tortilla project into two weeks. As I made corn tortillas, I thought I would give flour tortillas a try, using this recipe linked by Morgyn, using almond milk instead of dairy. These are the kind with baking powder in them, so they are fluffier than the ones I get at the local Mexican places - but, damn, are they good! We had them with roasted yellow summer squash, chopped fresh tomatoes (from the back yard), and lemon pepper tofu (a fantastic recipe from Isa's forthcoming brunch book). I want to try making the other sort of flour tortilla also, but I'll definitely make this recipe again. It was very easy, and we both liked it a lot. Results also pictured above.

The next week of the DIY challenge is devoted is pickles. I made pickles recently, using the recipe that Julie posted at EverydayDish. My cucumbers were large, so I sliced them. If you examine our jar above, you will see that we have made short work of the gallon we started with. I may have to make them again.... Does anyone have a good idea for another sort of pickle I should try? (Kittee, I know I should make lemon pickle.)


kittee said...

John Plummer,
I've said it before and I'll say it again--you are one swap packag ho'(really nice score today!).


JohnP said...

It's true, kittee, it's true!

Liz (EFCliz) said...

In this case I was the ho!! I saw BBQ sauce and wanted!!

Jeni Treehugger said...

Did the Sheese travel OK???

JohnP said...

Yes, happily, the sheese arrived in very good shape (as did everything else in the box).

Jeni Treehugger said...

My mother is sooo posting me some!

Tofu Queen said...

tell me more about that mustard! I've heard great things about it.