Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bonus MoFo: Bluegrass Soy Sauce in The NY Times!

While this is the I-40 Kitchen, and not the I-65 Kitchen, I heart our neighboring state to the north, the beautiful Commonwealth of Kentucky. It's less than an hour away, I was born there, and I have family in Louisville.

I was so delighted to open The New York Times food section on-line today, and find an article on Bluegrass Soy Sauce, a small-batch soy sauce made in Kentucky. Go read about it, and buy yourself some. It's really good stuff. PS... the company also makes bourbon smoked paprika...


kittee said...

holy shit. that paprika looks amazing, but their site is broken and it won't show how much it costs.

dang. have you had it before???


JohnP said...

yes, it is very good. try the site again - it worked for me. $6.95 for the tin, or $15.95 for a 1 pound bag.


and if you like Bluegrass, you should keep an ear out for packway handle band! I will definitely have to get my hands on some sauces.!!!