Saturday, October 11, 2008

Vegan MoFo Day 11: Amazing Savings

I'm in Asheville, and it is a beautiful Saturday. This morning, I went to a place that is maybe 5 minutes from our house, on Sweeten Creek Road, not far out of Biltmore Village. It is called Amazing Savings, and is a close-out grocery that specializes in whole/natural/health food. As you can see from the photo above, it is not much to look at from the outside. I have driven by it at least 100 times and never noticed. But Bryophyte from The PPK told me I had to go, and I did. Lord, have mercy. It's a wonderland of cheap food! MimicCreme for 99 cents! A big container of pistachio oil for $4.99! Avocado oil, soba noodles, organic produce, flax seeds, mung beans, local sorghum molasses, quinoa cookies (99 cents for the box) and the list goes on. If you spend over $50, you get an extra 10% off. Like any close-out place, you have to keep an eye out for any visible problems and the expiration date, but this place is truly amazing.

When I got home, one of my elderly neighbors said, "I trade at Amazing Savings a lot. They have the good vitamins." He also reports that there is another close-out grocery in Asheville which draws from conventional stores, called GO Grocery Outlet, and that the prices there are even better than at Amazing Savings. I am definitely going to check it out for items that I buy from the "regular" grocery store.


kittee said...

ew, john. there's a place here called suddha salvage, and it's also a seconds grocery store. it can be naaaasty. i've bought some really really nasty things in this place, but you're right you can get bargains! one thing they do at suddha, is sell stuff that has gotten wet and then has dried out. you can't tell till you get it open. also, all the cereal boxes are bulging and bloated. not my favorite!!


JohnP said...

Yes, kittee, no question that you have to be careful. But everything I bought on Saturday looks to be in good shape, and Bryophyte and two of my neighbors have had good luck with this place (which seems to employ primarily trendy hippie kids).