Saturday, November 17, 2012


Howdy, pals!  There will be a new recipe post (from a territory - not a state! so exciting!  so avant garde!) tomorrow.  For now, I am here to remind you that the I-40 Kitchen has you covered for US Thanksgiving:

Main dish:
Gravy-Baked Polenta Seitan  (the best, many years running)

Unity Inn Rolls  (for true, the Baby Jesus will cry if you don't make these)
Sweet Potato Yeast Bread

The Dressing/Stuffing:
Squash Dressing

Caraway Potatoes
Scalloped Collards  (I have fresh collards from my mama - I am making these)
Sweet Potato Curry
Green Bean Casserole from The Picnic
Squash Casserole (Lord, have mercy.  If you make one thing, make this.)
Sweet Potato Pudding
Raw Turnip Greens (brave and seasonal!)
Funeral Potatoes (more, please...)

Spiced Apple Pie (present for my Thanksgiving dogsitter)
Fresh Apple Cake
Japanese Fruit Pie
Great Aunt Pearl's Coconut Cake  (work, but worth it)
Shoo Fly Pie
Three Seasons Pie

The Leftovers:
"Chicken" Corn Pudding (make this with your leftover Tofurky)

I'm sure there are more Thanksgiving-appropriate posts, but these are the ones which immediately come to mind!  May all those who are celebrating have a good holiday!

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