Monday, September 15, 2008

Local Vegan Foods

During the Vegan Month of Food, among other things, I plan to post about some local foods from TN and NC. As a preview, here are three of my favorite local vegan products from the Nashville area. If you find yourself within reach of Middle Tennessee, you must try them - and if you live here, by all means, please put your dollars in the pockets of local producers. The websites include information on where to buy.

Primm Springs Soysage - I've gotten all DIY with veggie sausage of late, but this stuff is damn good, non-GMO, and made right here by a real person (who is also a veg*n caterer). It's even been on the Food Network. It comes in hot and mild, and keeps well. Sliced and fried, it makes a great sandwich.

FarmSoy Soygurt - The best soy yogurt, ever. Really. It's unsweeetened and has no added junk: only soymilk and live cultures. If you are making Indian or Middle Eastern yogurt sauces, this is what you need. FarmSoy also makes wonderful, fresh, local tofu.

Journey to Bliss Pistachio Cheddar - A soft, spreadable, fermented nut cheese. We could eat the whole package in one sitting, easily, but we try to restrain ourselves. It's rich, tangy, and complex. The other nut cheeses and raw foods made by Journey to Bliss are also excellent. Now that cooler days are upon us, we plan to indulge in their raw chili soon.


julie hasson said...

Yay, you have a blog!! I'm going to add you to my blog list.

I wish I could get these products on the west coast. They sound delish.

JohnP said...

Oh dear! Now I am going to have to try to be good about posting! And I need to make a blog roll. Julie, y'all should visit TN sometime.

Hannah said...

I haven't heard of any of these products before, but they sound so good! It's a shame that I'm no where near Tennessee.

kittee said...

what. i am so sad i didn't get to try any of these in knoxville or chattanooga or murfeesboro. bah. we stopped several times at this new market in chattanooga, it seemed to follow the wfm model, but with lots of vegan products/sku-s. do you know any good vegan food in murfreesboro? my friend mark has no idea what's there he can eat...